Strategic Acquisitions

Through strategic acquisitions, Tech Allies has been able to expand its product and service offerings, increase customer satisfaction and support, and develop stronger relationships with industry leading clients and vendors. These acquisition decisions were made through careful market analysis, company review and planning and advice from industry professionals.



mindcrate_logo3MindCrate, LLC (2011)
The acquisition of SAP software solution and technology partner MindCrate, LLC has given Tech Allies a competitive edge in the Mobility market. Through the augmented capabilities provided by this acquisition, we deliver client specific Mobility applications that integrate with SAP and other ERM software.

Concero Partner Logo


Concero Partners, LLC (2013)
The acquisition of Concero Partners, a premier Information Technology¬† services provider, has extended Tech Allies’ capabilities in critical areas of technology delivery, e.g. Project Management, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft and JAVA/EJB/LAMP. Tech Allies is uniquely positioned to guide organizations of all sizes to successful design, creation and integration of business critical information technology systems.