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Concero Partners is a premier Information Technology professional services provider to companies in a wide variety of industries. From defining enterprise-wide information management strategies for the largest of the Fortune 100 companies, to creating products upon which some of the most successful technology start-ups are built upon, Concero Partners provides the framework, expertise and vision to drive the technology efforts to success.

With practices in all critical areas of technology delivery: Project Management, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft and JAVA/EJB/LAMP, Concero Partners is uniquely positioned to guide organizations of all sizes to successful design, integration and creation.

Concero Partners offers ERP consulting services for strategy, design and implementation utilizing only the best and brightest people in the marketplace. The breadth, depth and overall experience of out consulting organization allows us to partner effectively with clients by optimizing business processes and utilizing technologies that achieve measurable and tangible ROI results in business and IT investments.

The strategic acquisition of Concero Partners was made by Tech Allies to expand its presence with in Fortune 100 companies’, delivering the latest enterprise software information technology and services that are essential to the lifeline of the company.