Innovative Solutions

Business Critical Data In today’s demanding business environment, it is essential for employees to access relevant and up-to-date information while on the go. Allow your employees to be mobile by giving them access to critical business information through a smart phone or tablet.

Across All Industries Our Mobility services and solutions reach across all industries.  We can assist in the install of your basic support system, build custom applications, provide Help Desk services as well as Hosting and Mobile Device Management.

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Managed Mobility Afaria Mobile Cloud ipad

A Mobile Device Management solution that gives customers complete control over their mobile devices across all platforms and operating systems. For data security and asset tracking.Page divide
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Mobile Media Management

iOS and Android devices – A document and video manager for any sales or training purposes.  Content is synchronized when connected and available anytime.

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Mobile Asset Managementmobile

For iOS and Android devices – An asset tracking application that improves asset capitalization processes and data accuracy. Custom developed for Oil & Gas companies and Baylor College of Medicine.

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Mobile Device Management
For Any device – A device management application that is fully integrated with Afaria 7 to provide device management, security and application delivery, and it is used today by some of the largest integrators in the world, such as IBM and BAE.
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SAP Supply Chain Management Supply Chain management mobile

For iOS & Android devices – SAP Material View is an SAP based application that enables a client’s sales force to access data on plant inventory, location, contacts and customer information such as order history and product information.Page divide

We deliver client-specific Mobility consulting and applications that integrate with SAP and other ERM software.

About Our Developers
Our Developers have over 20 years experience in IT Development and over 5 years experience working directly with key mobile platforms, middeware components and infrastructure plus SAP.

About Our Consultants
Our strategic consultants each have over twenty years of senior management experience combined with on-the-ground deployment and change management expertise.

For more information on our Mobility capabilities, please visit the MindCrate website at