24 Hours of Mobile Innovation Contest

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24 Hours of Mobile Innovation Contest (24 MIC)

Mobile App Contest

Goal of 24 MIC:

To establish a competitive, real-world, business-like environment that challenges diverse teams of students to conceptualize, design and present Mobile Applications that solve real business problems.

The Idea:


Mobility is a big deal. Companies today are moving quickly to design, create and code mobile applications to solve business process problems and increase productivity. The 24-hours Mobile Innovation Contest (24 MIC) recreates this type of environment. Teams of students with diverse backgrounds work together to design and present mobile applications that solve real world problems. Teams are given the autonomy to develop their own unique applications while being mentored by real business leaders, and encouraged to show creativity and thought leadership.

Mentors and guest speakers:

Mentors from various companies from around the world are brought in to speak and provide guidance and advice to the teams as they progress through their ideas. These highly skilled professionals are typically c-level executives, business owners, and business consultants that possess an entrepreneurial mindset and bring tremendous amounts of industry knowledge and experience to the students.

Previous years have brought in business leaders of industry leading companies from around the world to speak to and mentor the students. Some of these international companies include SAP, Itelligence, Toyota, ConnocoPhillips, Phillips66, Devon Energy, and Loves Gas Stations.


Students will work in diverse, intercollegiate teams (5-6 person teams) to produce their final product. For greatest success, each team should have at least one team member with a basic understanding of project management, database, and data communication; and, at least one team member with the following conceptual skills: entrepreneurship, accounting, forecasting, business processes, HR, and public speaking.


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