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If you are a terminal owner or operator, then Transaction Management Workbench (TMW) is the perfect solution for all your terminal and rack automation needs, regardless of the size of your operation. TMW is a front/back office solution providing a real-time interface between your bulk/fuel terminals and your front/back office BOL’s. TMW integrates seamlessly with your existing Terminal Automation System (TAS) and is applicable to practically all bulk commodities including Oil & Gas, Coal, Asphalt, Chemicals and Agricultural products.

  • Two-way communication between your terminals and back-office
  • Applicable to Oil & Gas, Coal, Asphalt, Chemicals and Agricultural products
  • Integrates with your existing Terminal Automation Systems (TMS)
  • SAP-certified, also compatible with other financial back-office ERPs/applications
  • Supports all loading and movement scenarios at terminal/rack facilities including Sales, Purchases and Transfers


  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Tighter contractual compliance with counter parties
  • Avoid run-outs and surplus via real-time inventory updates
  • Tighter enforcement of credit limits
  • Exploit trading/marketing opportunities due to more accurate inventory positions

TMW in detail

TMW integrates with your existing Terminal Automation Systems (TMS) and provides real-time, two-way communication between your terminals and back-office. It allows your back-office to send load authorizations to your terminals, while your terminals send Bills of Lading (BOL tickets) to the back-office. TMW is ERP agnostic, and can be integrated with most ERP systems.
There are two components to the TMW solution; Tload hardware/firmware and TMW software.

Tload hardware/firmware
Tload utilizes the latest touch screen technology to provide a user friendly interface that can be used by drivers and terminal loaders. The interface is customizable to suit your business process needs at the individual terminal. The Tload hardware (terminal or station) is installed at load rack and wired into existing automation infrastructure. Download the Tload Brochure

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TMW software
TMW runs in the back office within the SAP environment, and provides real-time communication between the Tload (terminals) and backoffice systems. It provides a easy to use interface that is configurable to your business process needs.
Download the TMW Brochure

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